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Ventura Residences
Mermaid Beach QLD

Luxury Residential Property Developer

Creating stunning lifespaces for Gold Coast residents.

Whether we are designing and constructing commercial, residential or apartment developments, Niecon focuses on creating spaces that capture the essence and beauty of life. Our passion to do so has led us to be a trusted and favoured Gold Coast real estate developer known for producing luxurious properties for over 50 years.

Our residential property
development highlights.

Comfort, luxury and style are at the forefront of our minds during our property development process. As high-end residential developers, all of our properties are designed to please the eye and shock the senses with their beauty and elegance.

To save you driving up and down the coastline to see for yourself, we’ve listed some of our most iconic residential building developments.

  • Villas Tijuana, Robina

    Villas Tijuana, Robina

    This stunning gated townhouse complex drew inspiration from Mexican architecture and luxurious living.

    One of the most unique and picturesque residential developments in Gold Coast, Villas Tijuana is an example of the standout creativity Niecon property developers possess.

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  • Reflections, Coolangatta

    Reflections, Coolangatta

    Our Reflections towers development offers a unique blend of coastal living and upscale benefits, with stunning ocean views and boutique dining and shopping options.

    Situated on Greenmount Beach, these residential towers have accentuated the location’s natural beauty.

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  • La Hacienda, Robina

    La Hacienda, Robina

    La Hacienda is an example of a Niecon lifespace created to be looked at in awe and wonder.

    With an exotic take on high-end residential properties, it’s no wonder this development project sold prior to completion.

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Current residential developments.

Ventura Residences Mermaid Beach
Completed 2023
Ventura Residence Mermaid Beach

Ventura Residences
Mermaid Beach

Our Values.

Our spaces are purposefully designed for living. Our goal is to create lifespaces where you love to live. Each design element is thoughtful yet considered. A place where you cherish spending your time, whether in work, rest, or play. It is inherent in who we are and how we operate - this will never change. We never compromise and are always considered in every action.

  • 01.Leave Legacy

    We work with the intent that Niecon as a brand is handed to the next Nikiforides generation with our unique stamp, ready for them to make theirs.

  • 02.Build Reputation

    Customers are the centre of everything we do, from design to delivery. Creating unique touchpoints for customers to engage with our brand will enable our reputation will continue to build in a positive way.

  • 03.Continue Trust

    With purpose-built community engagement – we endeavour to expand our reach beyond projects and into the surrounding community, thus propping up local businesses in step with projects. Embracing technology to remain connected throughout construction, settlement and ongoing building management.

Why choose us for your residential building development?

At Niecon Developments, we don’t settle for the small scale. We believe in architectural brilliance, class and sophistication, and for over 50 years we have been able to execute this vision for all projects we have been involved in. Our residential developers’ industry expertise and reputation will aid you in the success of developing your project.

If you are looking to create a residential masterpiece, get in touch with our talented team of experts.

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