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Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre
Parkwood QLD

Commercial Property Developer

Turning commercial projects into luxury spaces.

Niecon was created with one ultimate goal: to elevate the Gold Coast property development industry by creating striking, classic works of architecture. Through stunning commercial, residential and apartment design projects, our luxury property developer business continuously meets this goal up and down the coastline.

Our commercial property
development highlights.

We have cemented the Niecon name into the Gold Coast’s commercial real estate industry with timeless, unique precincts in premium locations. Our desire to design spaces that combine the natural environment and local community is what has made us successful property developers in the commercial real estate sphere.

Discover some of our proudest projects as commercial property developers.

  • Oracle, Broadbeach

    Oracle Broadbeach

    One of our most recently completed properties, the Oracle Towers are architectural masterpieces.

    With a foot in both the residential and commercial real estate spheres, these magnificent towers were designed to luxuriously reflect the area’s character.

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  • Niecon Tower, Broadbeach

    Niecon Tower, Broadbeach

    One of the Gold Coast skyline’s most iconic commercial properties and our company’s namesake. Broadbeach is a premium location for corporate offices, and Niecon Tower is a spectacular design for those offices to call home.

    A stunning combination of granite marble and blue tinted glass, Niecon Tower stands tall, proud and a model of perfection for commercial property development companies.

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  • Reflections Retail, Coolangatta

    Reflections Retail, Coolangatta

    Located at the base of one of our residential construction projects, Reflections Retail has redefined Coolangatta’s beachfront esplanade.

    The precinct lay home an elegant and unique retail and dining destination for both locals and tourists to enjoy.

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Our Values.

Our spaces are purposefully designed for living. Our goal is to create lifespaces where you love to live. Each design element is thoughtful yet considered. A place where you cherish spending your time, whether in work, rest, or play. It is inherent in who we are and how we operate - this will never change. We never compromise and are always considered in every action.

  • 01.Leave Legacy

    We work with the intent that Niecon as a brand is handed to the next Nikiforides generation with our unique stamp, ready for them to make theirs.

  • 02.Build Reputation

    Customers are the centre of everything we do, from design to delivery. Creating unique touchpoints for customers to engage with our brand will enable our reputation will continue to build in a positive way.

  • 03.Continue Trust

    With purpose-built community engagement – we endeavour to expand our reach beyond projects and into the surrounding community, thus propping up local businesses in step with projects. Embracing technology to remain connected throughout construction, settlement and ongoing building management.

Why choose us as your commercial property developers?

Since our establishment, we have been able to redesign the Gold Coast skyline with the endless land and property opportunities the city has to offer. We are passionate commercial real estate developers who have a unique view on the property development process. We strive to produce spectacular designs to enhance existing property or identify land in premium locations that suit our goals of creating luxurious lifespaces, and our years of experience allow us to do so.

If you require assistance with your commercial building project, get in touch with our talented team of experts.

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